About Felix & Pip

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Felix and Pip love being on the water. Exploring new places and making new friends is all part of their fun-filled adventures.

Beginning in 2014, the series of ‘The Adventures of Felix and Pip’ began when a storm happened at the Werribee South River. This was a storm like no other, and one where Felix found himself adrift in a boat called Purr-fect. With the help of his friend Pip and other animal friends, they did everything they could to save Felix and Purr-fect. Amazingly, and despite each animal having limitations as to what they could do – working together – they achieved the impossible.

About The Author

Striving for success in writing books; or anything for that matter, requires a dedicated support team. As Author and illustrator, I lean heavily on the support of my husband Co.

We have been together for many years, with both of us taking interest in each other’s hobbies, which is great as it’s a team effort when we sell our books at the markets.

Being author and illustrator does not, in itself, give birth to a storybook. It begins with a partner that’s willing to allow the freedom and ‘time’ to be lost in the story, resulting in many dinners being late, or not being done at all. 24hr Takeaways are a good friend too. A great partner bears the brunt of many moods, doubts and other emotional paraphernalia that gets dished out to them from their ‘creative’ partners. So when I say ‘we are a team’ it’s tattooed on.

The other people that help out with the birth, is my wonderful publisher ‘Aly’s Books and her amazing team,’ they give the WOW factor to my stories and presentation of the storybook.

And, last but not least is YOU, yes YOU. If you didn’t buy, support, give advice and come back and get another storybook, I would never have got past first base. So to YOU, I say THANK YOU, because it’s YOU who gave me the confidence to be an author and an illustrator, allowing my wild imagination to be free.

The Adventure begins

The series of ’The Adventures of Felix and Pip,’ begin with The Rescue of Purr-fect. Adventures two, three and four, have Felix and Pip having adventures in Port Phillip Bay. Their forthcoming adventure will have a touch of magic to it. This wonderful story will end Felix and Pip’s adventures in the Western part of Port Phillip.

At the time of writing, the Cuddles Team have moved to the Gippsland Lakes, where more exciting adventures, and new animal friends will be made. There’s no stopping these two friends, who just love exploring, making new friends - and learning new things all the time.

Felix the Water Rat and the Rescue of Purrfect.

It’s a fun and carefree life for Felix the Water rat and his gang of friends, playing together on the banks of the Werribee River. They are an unusual combination of pals – four water rats, two dogs, and even a pelican!

Felix and Pip – When the Uneverythingable Happened

In this tale we see some new characters “Chips” and “ Potato Cake”, two seagulls from Williamstown that get into serious trouble because they got distracted while having a race and the Uneverythingable happened! Felix and Pip, with clever thinking and the help of some unlikely friends go to help. How will they save the day?

‘Swans of the Paynesville Opp-Shop’

It’s always happening at Paynesville Opp Shop. When it’s all hustle and bustle, the resident swans thrive.

Felix & Pip and the Missing Dragon

In this tale we see plucky Felix and Pip, the most daring of duos, meet up with an animal they’ve never seen before – a baby dragon from Geelong! Can they overcome their differences to add another friend to their lives? You’ll have to read and find out!

Felix and Pip – Blue Moon over Raymond Island

Felix and Pip are off on another adventure, and this time the big blue moon will amaze them with its magic and beauty!

COO-EE Call to Friends Far Away

Still amidst the raging fires. The KFA (Kanga firefighters) must enlist the help of their overseas firefighting friends. Cue in the Bison and Brown Bear Crews!

Felix and Pip – Trouble at 'Joanna Shipwreck'

In this, the third in the series of Felix and Pip and their adventures aboard boat Purr-fect, we find the friends at Queenscliff, on the look out for something exciting to do.

Felix and Pip – COO-EE Call from the Bush

It all starts when they receive an invitation to their friend’s wedding. But on their way, their little pitstop is a lot longer than expected. As the weather takes a turn, so does their journey. When lightning sparks a grassfire, Pip, Felix and the local animals must get the message out fast and escape quickly.

The Professor and the Smelly Green Goop

The last thing you want at breakfast is to be overrun by a foul smell. So, on the hunt to find the source of such a horrid aroma, Professor Grey Goose and his friends, Gwendolyn and Gertrude, search Sale Wetlands.

COO-EE Call to Forest Recovery

Felix and Pip are back for the third and final instalment of the COO-EE Trilogy, COO-EE Call to Forest Recovery.